TheMakerz #2 – Slice To Meet You!!!

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Top 5 or 6 most popular slicers
Cura 2.6X –
Simplify 3d –
Slicer –

Dilbert –

MyMiniFactory –

Hi guys,

It’s nice to hear a new voice in 3D printing.

You have mentioned Slic3r and Simplyfy3D, but I thought I would add
some more to the list:

Slic3r Prusa Edition: (you
may have mentioned this one, I have not had time to listen to the full

Cura is spoken of highly by some users:

And then there is Kisslicer, still in active development, but not
spoken of as much for some reason.

Congratulations on starting up the new show!

Christian aka
Kaptain “Double D +1 more” Zero

Quick guide on settings for the beginner
Nozzle diameter
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How to translate a STL to a gcode for printing

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