TheMakerz #3 – Lots Of Email and Aaron’s Topic Ideas

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From Lyle
Hey Door,
Great show.   Like drinking water from fire hydrant.
I just got started printing with a Craftbot.   I guess it’s as close to plug and play as it gets.

  1.  Do you guys know of a screw kit or a particular size that will work with most prints.   Eventually I hope to learn how to change the STL files to match screws I want to use.
  2.  I need to make one of my prints deeper (z-axis ?).   Where do I start with changing the stl file?  I don’t really want to learn CAD.
  3.  Sometimes a print sticks to the bed.   Should I use a glue stick or hairspray ?   Is there a downside to putting that stuff on the bed?


P.S.  I know you sorta answered some of that.   Something about website and training wheels.   Listening has really helped me to understand how it works.



Elmer’s Jumbo Glue Stick (3 Pack) 1.4 oz (40g) each – Washable Disappearing Purple –


Hey guys,

In the last episode when you guys started talking about places to find ready to print objects, I remembered a search engine.

Yeggi searches all the usual sites for 3D printer objects and gives you the links. It is still up to the individual to make sure the item found can be printed. If you can’t seem to find something you really want or need, a quick search using yeggi might turn something up on a site you don’t normally check.

You can create an account on yeggi, but your search is the same, account or not. The account does let you make lists where you can keep links to things you’ve found that you may wish to re-visit later.

Another site where *all* the files are printable is

Many of the designs are not free, but there are some that are. The site has not been around that long, so it doesn’t have that many files yet, but it appears to be popular with designers who wish to sell their designs.

And congratulations to Door for having ordered a 3D printer. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

Christian aka

Kaptain “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack 3D printed a candlestick” Zero



VELOCITY PAINTING 3D Printing in style –


Now that you’ve chosen a slicer, what type of filament should I use and what brands are good, bad and just plain ugly?

Good – eSun –

Good – ZYLtech –

Bad – Makergeeks –

Hatchbox –

HydroFill –

PVA Filament- 3.00mm (0.50kg) –

Why is my print not sticking to the build plate?

Now, what to print? Upgrades? Fun? Cool?

Why am I getting crappy prints?