TheMakerz #4 – Short Staffed ….. But Still Building!!!

Direct MP3 Download: TheMakerz #4 – Short Staffed ….. But Still Building!!!

TheMakerz – #004


DoorToDoorGeek – Steve McLaughlin –

Aaron Turnbull

Liam Tidwell –

Jonas Rullo aka Bambiker,  aka jrullo on IRC

flyingRich –

Chad Cory – youtube – watchmydiy
etsy shop – c3dbycac

Brett Hansen – @BrettHansenPC Twitter



Hot shoe –

DoorToDoorGeek – how to speed up prints and what’s the cons?

BCN3D Sigma Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer –

Aaron Turnbull – Away

Liam Tidwell –  In a hurry? Try printing with the heated bed off. (PLA only) – 41:30 – 1:07:42
    Crazing –

Jonas – CR-10 E3D v6 hotend upgrade steps, what to consider. Parts printed, tools needed, screws needed, parts used. Why? Print big(fat layers), print fast.
Good guide on what you should look at when setting up a hot end in general.


Chad Cory – mpcnc stuff try to upgrade

Brett Hansen – Away