TheMakerz #5 – Must Read More Words …. How to Say Salanderer

Direct MP3 Download: TheMakerz #5 – Must Read More Words …. How to Say Salanderer

TheMakerz – #005

DoorToDoorGeek – Steve McLaughlin –

Aaron Turnbull

Liam Tidwell –

Jonas Rullo aka Bambiker,  aka jrullo on IRC

flyingRich –

Chad Cory – youtube – watchmydiy
etsy shop – c3dbycac

Brett Hansen – @BrettHansenPC Twitter

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DoorToDoorGeek – temp and texture ….. frigging words

Aaron Turnbull – Calibrate extruder and fine tuning your prints. Things that have helped me

3D printing guides – Calibrating your extruder –

Prusa Calculator –

Pronterface –

Printrun is free, open-source software, licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

Printrun was created by Kliment Yanev, and is now co-maintained by him and Guillaume “iXce” Seguin.

Contributions are more than welcome, and have been received from:

Getting Started with Pronterface – Plastic Scribbler –

Liam Tidwell –  Quick Tip – Small/Sample Spools ( )  $2.99 shipping

Small spool –
Jonas – PID autotune success.
Onshape – what to know,  next steps, tutorials.

Tom Salanderer live recorded part creation walk through:

General tutorials from

Has plugins/tools and catalogs that can be added. CNC paths. ANSI parts; screws, electronics, etc.

Find: STL from google maps data:

  1. Search for any location on google maps.
  2. Right click and choose “What’s Here” – shows latitude and longitude.
  3. Paste into Terrain2STL site. Adjust box size
  4. Download the Zip – contains one .stl file of those coordinates.

flyingRich – firmware upgrade & auto bed leveling

Chad Cory – the importance of leaving your build plate even if you have auto bed leveling,

fusion 360 needing a good graphics card. We all need it read directions.

Brett Hansen – Retro Gaming

PiBoy Advance