TheMakerz #9 – Anet Upgradde, K40 Lazer Stuff and CrowdFunding Talk

Direct MP3 Download: TheMakerz #9 – Anet Upgradde, K40 Lazer Stuff and CrowdFunding Talk

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Liam Tidwell – Anet all metal upgrade can you also talk about installing a new heated bed on the Anet

AM8 – Metal Frame for Anet A8 –

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Hi, I saw this on Kickstarter and thought it would be something you guys might like to see. I tried to find a link to
share with The Makerz but I’m sure if you see fit, the link will make its way to them. Thanks
Hey Door,

Something that might work called project night.  For example pick a night (with a cool name) and get everyone to get
something we all build on air. Examples owncloud.  Internet radio box.  Pi print server.    Maybe google smart mirror
Put mini machines to work. Thanks for all u do,

Chad Cory – k40 laser stuff sold by warrenau250

Jonas –

Failed to fix my K40. Possible power supply issue. Possible laser tube issue.

Made some alien head keychains.

Inkscape for 3d Modeling.

Good totorials: E3D-Online Edge filament, PLA filament


750grams not 1K/2K weight.

PLA is high quality. Higher heat makes it shiny. Will run up to 215C

Brett Hansen – Kickstarter discussion

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James –

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