The Makerz #17 – ANET Wooes, Eggs and Fixing Broken Pebble Watch

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TheMakerz – #017 (11-03-17)

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Surprise Egg #1 – Tiny Haul Truck –


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Spool Tool Desk Organizer –


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Made: filament “drybox” for storage DURING use.

Broke: Anet – control board crapped out again.

Learn: we need to be more precise in our terminology. Take leveling the bed for instance. let’s stop calling it leveling the bed – you use the screws to tram the bed to the extruder head (assumes your bed is a flat plane). Use your slicer to set your Z offset which will change depending on the filament being used/print surface/bed temp and so on.






PSU for lights:

James –

Brett Hansen – Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet –

Jonas Rullo – Broke: pebble 2 watch buttons. Learned: how to print TPU for broken watch buttons.

TPU – requires slow printing

Pebble2 side cover –

Pebble 3D model files.

These are not insider models but the exterior modeled so you can make your own things based on these. People make holders for watches without the band attached. There are existing bike mounts for these watches already in the wild on thingiverse, etc. Never knew that existed.

Printed a Rocktopus:

RIchard Hughes

DoorToDoorGeek – Son’s Master Sword –

3D Printing Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword++ with NeoPixel LEDs –

Chad Cory –