The Makerz #19 – Lego, Lego and More Lego, PiBoy-Zero and Holiday Making

Direct MP3 Download: The Makerz #19 – Lego, Lego and More Lego, PiBoy-Zero and Holiday Making

TheMakerz – #018 (11-17-17)

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Aaron Turnbull

starting on the Large Lego project –

3D printed skateboard –

Fiberglass I Beams –

Talk about printing in schools


Liam Tidwell

Magnet Build Plate Final Version – Magnet Sheet :

Build Surface:


Pictures of thor hammer pen added to discord chat



Patreon Geoffro / Hex3D –


Brett Hansen

PiBoy-Zero –

Zelda BOTW Guardian sword –

Scotch Restickable Dots, 7/8-inch x 7/8-inch, Clear, 18-Dots (R105) –


Jonas Rullo – Built: Christmas trees; Broke:clogged my .35mm nozzle with bamboo ; Learned: Edge filament likes a tall first layer

Holiday Projects:

Furry Christmas Trees:

I printed mine using Bamboo PLA from Takes a while but worth the wait. You might need to tape down your print after the first layer. The trunk in the middle is easy to separate from the bed while printing the loops.

The larger one had a large brim but it broke off when removing from the printer. It does stand up on it’s own without the brim due to the loops reaching to the bed/ground. The smaller one I printed with a large brim and the brim stuck so I kept it as a tree skirt.

I had an idea to drop some potpourri pine or holiday scent onto it being that it’s wood filament. However I have not found a local source for that kind of scent oil.

Lights used are similar to these that I found locally:


Largish Nut Cracker:

I’m working on this one. It was submitted in 2015 but looks pretty good. A little blocky but lots of room for embellishment. The head in the picture will be reprinted because the extrusion was wrong.


Jonction-P connectors for shelving:

I also printed these with the bamboo PLA. They seem pretty sturdy. I scaled them down from the original size by 71% to make the inside square dimension ¾ inch. One inch planks in the US are actually ¾ inch. I ripped some oak plank into ¾ inch sections to make the part in the picture. I need to make several more sets of connectors to make a full shelf.



Chad Cory –

Richard Hughes