The Makerz #20 – The Manager Is Managing

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TheMakerz – #020 (1-12-18)

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OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Rig 3.5″ PiTFT Touch Display –
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Megatron Transformers 1Gen –
Flexible Magnet Sheet With Adhesive, 0.030″ Thick, 12″ Wide, 24″ Length (1 sheet rolled inside tube) –
Athorbot 3D Printing Build Surface, Black (Pack of 3) (310mm X 310mm) for CR-10 CR-10S 3D printer –

Jonas Rullo
Built: small tree forest; Learned: auto-cooling; Broke: My will to resist IOT.
More Trees!
The E3d Edge filament tree worked pretty well. This picture is 5 clear t-Glase trees, a small bamboo tree and the large Edge filament tree.
The bamboo filament trees are still my number one favorite due to the ability to add some scented oil.

Started printing some t-Glase small trees and learned a few things.
Quick video of a clear tree being printed:
OK two videos:

  1. The speed of the External perimeter matters. I had mine set to 150% for some reason. This moves the extruder head at 150 percent of the speed of whatever base speed. For the trees, this drew the loops super fast which kept them from flowing and falling correctly. It also kept the end of the loop from sticking to the trunk. I changed that to 50% and everything started working well.
  2. Cooling matters. Normally, I don’t run the part cooling fan on anything except PLA. Turns out for this model cooling is needed. Due to the thin center trunk, the hot end stays on the trunk quite a while and continuously re-melts the material which causes bad warping of the trunk. I set my cooling to be 100% when the layer takes longer than 10 seconds to print. The cooling fan comes on automatically when needed and goes to low speed when not really necessary. These are Slic3r settings, your slicer may call these settings by another name.

Holiday Nut Cracker built plus some trees and a tree lamp:
t-Glase cookie cutters:
Gingerbread “person” Man:
Do you like Pi?
The round or interior detail cutters did not work with my dough. I think I had too much butter and not enough flour for mine to work. The cutters with a lot of detail or front face detail stuck in the mold too well.
This reindeer cutter did not work for me. Might be better printed a little larger. My dough just stuck inside and would never come out cleanly.
These round cutters also did not work well for me:
You may have better luck with a better recipe.

Videos you need to watch:
Hang printer build by Tom Salanderer and the inventor of the hang printer at Trinamic offices. The people that make the new driver boards used in Joseph Prusa’s latest masterpiece printer.

Make quiet your 3d printer with TMC2130 drivers video:

Some Gcode to raise the hot end up and back from your print. My reason for using this is due to the CR-10 Z axis falling when the motors are turned off. The slight weight is enough to move the Z down onto a finished print. This just lifts it and moves it out of the way a bit.

G-code to add to the end of yourprint:
G91 ; set to relative positioning
G1 Z10 ; move extruder up ten
G1 X20 ; move X  20mm
G1 Y20 ; move Y 20mm
M84     ; disable all motors

Open Source IOT
Sonoff DEV: Sonoff IoT WiFi Development Board –
Agoal Sonoff Wifi Switch Wireless Remote Control Electrical for Household Appliances,Compatible with Alexa DIY Your Home Via Iphone Android App 2-Pack –
Open Hab:
Good Youtube channel to learn about Sonoff switches
The youtuber shows how to flash your Sonoff to use your own firmware.
Re-flash your Chinese Sonoff switches with your own firmware. Take back the full use of the ESP8266 with your own firmware.

Aaron Turnbull

Chad Cory –  testing some new to me filament
3D Printer Filament 1.75mm ABS PLA 1kg 2.2lb multiple Color MakerBot RepRap –

DigiStruct PLA 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament – 1kg Spool PHTHALATE-FREE – Dimensional Accuracy +/- .03 (Green) –

Liam Tidwell


Brett Hansen

RIchard Hughes