The Server Show #12 – AD With Alister

Direct MP3 Download: The Server Show #12 – AD With Alister

With the DoorToDoorGeek aka Steve McLaughlin, Jeff (Blackhammer) Owens from TheAgeOfTheGeek, Chad Wollenberg from LinuxBasement and Josh (KnuckleHeadTech) from KnuckeHeadTech Talk about everything server related

Show 12 The Server Show
Why we need domains?
Talk about workgroup/peer to peer network/windows file sharing (netbios),NTFS,UNC,
The problem of sharing files between two computers, with two users and then changing password, everyone keep their own security.NTFS,UNC,
Expand on local users problem, using workstation as a server. Al example of dental practice software. I.E Creating each user account on the workstation as acting server. What happen is someone changes passwords.
Then what if you what to share a printer from reception computer. Need to add all local accounts to this pc.
What happen if you have more then 10 computer connecting to workstation acting as a server. Using a window server in a workgroup.
What happens when you add second server.Admistartion nightmare
This why you need a domain.
Talking about what a domain is,Place where you keep all username and password in central location.
History of Domains, NT4 Domians, Flat name Space, WINS, Talk about Active directory and use of DNS.
How to setup windows domain, root forest, creating the first domain controller, Adding your first user. how to connect workstation to domain(talk about pro and home editions of windows). logon to domain via the workstation.what if users forget their password,user changing their password, locking/disabling users account. add second server to domain.
Extra features of running domain, group policy.
Scablity of domains from run a 10pc worksation system to a hospital/corporate.

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