MiniPC Show #2 – Endless Mini Computers

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Steve McLaughlin – DoorToDoorGeek

Eric Arduini



Zotac ZBOX 01520 Mini-PC Looks Like Bowling Ball
Here’s an interesting ZBOX mini-PC.  In addition to its Steam Machine and Haswell-powered ZBOX nano ID67, Zotac also had on display this week during CES 2014 the ZBOX 01520, a bowling-ball-shaped mini-PC with a flat foundation to keep it from rolling off the desk.,25721.html#xtor=RSS-181

UNIX® on the Game Boy Advance
In this document, I discuss “gbaunix”, a rather contrived experiment in which I run an ancient version of the UNIX operating system on a popular hand-held video game system using a simulator. I can imagine this to be loosely of interest to a few types of people:

Pi Car
When I first discovered the Raspberry Pi I was eager to learn electronics and coding in order to create cool gadgets. However, with no prior coding or electronic knowledge I didn’t really know where to begin.  As a first project I decided I would build a Raspberry Pi Car.

Zotac PC Stick is a Cherry Trail computer-on-a-stick
Zotac has been offering tiny desktop computers for several years, but now this year the company is launching its smallest model to date.  The Zotac PC Stick is a PC-on-a-stick that looks a bit like a variation of Intel’s Compute Stick.

Zotac launches mini PCs with high performance graphics (up to 6 displays)
Want a small PC with enough graphics performance to power up to 6 displays at once? Zotac’s got you covered.  The company is introducing several new small form-factor ZBOX computers, including two models with AMD Radeon graphics and one with Intel Iris Pro graphics.

Zotac’s 2016 mini PC lineup includes PC stick, fanless Skylake system, and a model with 6 display ports
Zotac plans to launch a whole bunch of new mini PCs in the second quarter of 2016.

Intel introduces Compute Stick with Atom x5 Cherry Trail processor
Intel’s new Compute Stick with a Core M Skylake processor isn’t the company’s only new PC on a stick for 2016. The company has also unveiled two new models featuring lower-power (and cheaper) Atom x5-Z8300 Cherry Trail chips.

The Endless Mini wants to be the PC that puts the entire world online
Endless Computers’ second attempt at a simple, globally minded PC is the Endless Mini — a small, sleek, spherical desktop computer that costs less than $100.  The Endless Mini features an AMLogic quad-core ARM Cortex A5, a 1.

Cubi 2 Plus
Along with the laptops comes three full sized prebuilt systems and a mini-PC at MSI’s display booth. Most are customizable, the price you pay depends on the components you choose and the case you prefer, two of which have picked up awards.

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